December 17, 2009

A USB World

Looking for posts about novelty USB flash drives for your computer? Perhaps you want to buy one or create one for yourself? Or maybe you are looking for the technical side of the USB? Looking for USB tutorials? Want to read the latest USB news? You'll find them all and more at GetUSB.Info. I liked looking at the different USB flash drives. They have some neat, silly and funny ones. You don't need to be a geek for this. Main Page

If you want to look at the novelty items click here. If you want to see more posts at that category, see "previous/next entries" at the bottom inside a box on the right hand side, or at the right hand side just above the first post.I missed them at first.

GetUSB.Info - Useless Novelty

December 14, 2009

The Birth Of The Shopping Cart

This is quite interesting. The history of the shopping cart begun in 1937 where it was invented by a resident of Oklahoma City, OK, called Sylvan N. Goldman. The history goes all the way to the online shopping carts. Like the early shopping cart back in 1937, the online shopping cart had it own imperfections in the beginning. It has been an intriguing trip since the shopping cart was born.

RealCart - History Of The Shopping Cart

Pictures of the early shopping carts:

Smithsonian - Telescoping Shopping Cart

Contemporary and old shopping carts with images:

Design Boom - The (All American) History Of Shopping (Carts)

Design Boom - 'Cartrider' By Jaebeom Jeong