May 23, 2009


If you like art, you'll probably enjoy this site. It took me two hours to view it, and I'm not even done yet. So many artists and art works. Some have personal websites (from which I use the images) This site contains different mediums. There are all kind of mediums here, even "fountains". I've never heard of a medium called fountains before. Overall there are 13 t mediums presented. A lot of these medium are craft like concept. Some painting, neon, wood and more.

To my surprise, I recognized one of the artists as my former college teacher, and another as a an old friend of mine. I wonder how many other artists I know (but not their names). I was hoping to see my high school teacher. He was real good.

The artists of the photos above starting from the top are: Cameron Van Dyke, Carlos Basanta and at last Roberley Bell.

May 22, 2009

Game Inventor - Marvin Glass

Marvin Glass is the man behind the invention of some famous game. At the bottom of this page, there is a weird photo of him with huge glasses. A bit funny. The basic description of the site tells us that "This is Marvin himself with the specs, the story goes Marvin was at a party one time and he was talking to a self-absorbed bore. He stopped listening to what the person was saying and in his mind the persons glasses just kept getting bigger and bigger..." A former employee, Erick Erickson, tells us what it was like workig at Glass studio, and about Marvin Glass himself. .

Glass first invention was in 1948 (that is my understanding) when he invented the pocket theatre, Yaikty -Yak and a little chicken toy that laid agumball when you push it. There is more history about this gentleman, and photos of his game inventions. I only recognize a few because his toys were well before my time. But some, like the Operation still exist. I wish they displayed all of his inventions. He also designed games in the 60's and the 70's, I recognize, like the "rock'em sock'em robots".

Working At The Marvin Glass Studio

May 20, 2009

YouTube - Try To Do

A wonderful story in UCLA of a mother squirrel and her baby who tries to climbs a wall to join her with her help. Finally, after many attempts it was successful, but I won't give you the spoiler about how it did it ;-) But it's an awesome video story.

May 17, 2009

Blog -Old & Odd Ambulances

A pretty cool blog about old and odd ambulances from all over the world. Some of these are quite fascinating. The origin of the ambulances above starting from the top are from: Mexico, Kansas City, India and China.

There are also pictures of [slow] boats, motorcycles and helicopters and a VW van. There is even a German ambulance tram for the purpose of transporting the patients in WWI. How odd!

Blog - Old & Odd Ambulances