September 20, 2008

Gentlemen & Their Hats

An interesting history of the History of Straw hats & Felt hats. The history of the hat obviously goes back centuries ago. The site starts with the history of the Straw hats & Felt where it introduces the Derby hat. It tells us that the felt apparently was first used by the nomadic tribes of Asia who made tents and clothing from it. The Romans were early users of this material for a hat called "Petatsus" which was a skull caps. The slaves were given to the slaves when they acquired freedom. The fur felt was very common by 1600 eventually paving a way for the tail beaver hats. Eventually the Derby hat was invented (It doesn't give the year, but I found out that it was invented in 1850).

The Hat History presents us the other hats: the dress hat, gangster fedoras, panama, western, borsalino, dobbs, Indiana Jones, stetson, and golf. Regarding the man above, I believe he is Bartholomew "Bat" Masterson, the famous pal of Wyatt Earp.

Hat History

Take A Guess

Wallet Pop has money and products related quizzes. It's website that is about finance/money & business (that what I've gathered. There is no "about us" page). There are interesting quizzes from the last 3 years. I counted a total of 51 quizzes. I did the "Can You Spot The Fake Product?", and did very well. But as someone who "grew up" with ketchup, I can't believe I failed the Ketchup question! I was so sure I had it right! By the way, the Grocery Product Timeline quiz is a cool one. One question that I liked from that quiz was "When Popsicles were first released in 1905 what were they originally called? A) Epsicles B) Icicles C) Pop-Ice D) Ice Pops"

Below are six quiz examples:

How Smart of a Driver Are You?
Country of Origin for Top Brands
Know Who's Face Is on Your Money?
Taxes: Is It Deductible?
Grocery Product Timeline
State Quarter Quiz

Wallet Pop Quizzes

September 18, 2008

Read My Lips - Sort Of..

Check these General Mills lip balm products from the Boston America Corp. The company specializes in manufacturing and distributing licensed novelty and gift products.

These lip balm are too cool! I don't think I'd actually use them. I will just stick to the Burt's Bee Wax ;-) But I wouldn't mind having these lip balms on display. There are also lip balms from Pillsbury and Betty Crocker.

I also liked the Energy Drinks section. Love the Donkey Kong, and the Mr. Men & Little Miss drinks! Most of the other stuff are for young children and pre teens. These items are good for birthday parties.

Boston America Lip Balms

Boston America Energy Drinks

Via the Breakfast Bowl

September 17, 2008

YouTube - Grandma's Breakdance

A video from last year. Hadn't seen this one. It is a funny Russian Commercial for "Snickers Mad Mix". I wonder what year this commercial has taken place. I believe it is either from 2002 or 2003.

If you go to the AOL video site, you'll see the same video in a much bigger format. The quality is excellent. I am unable to post the video from AOL in my blog. You'll have to go there directly.

September 15, 2008


Cartopia is partially dedicated to the classic dream cars of the golden age. These are many fantastic images of these futuristic cars. There are ads, magazine covers, toys & models. There is also an awesome vintage gallery. These are cool cars!

There are also photos from the LA and Tokyo 2007 car shows.